Welcome to my website where I share what I call functional art. Each piece is inspired by the connection I have with the ocean.  The waves crashing to the shore. Turbulent, dark & light fighting each other and yet creating something beautiful. 

 I understand waves as I have a history with anxiety & depression. Finding my way through darkness into the light has never been easy for me and then Covid hit. I was locked down and in the chaos I found something in me ~ my love of art again. 

 I studied graphic design in college and the curriculum and teachers turned a joy of art into a chore, misery and I walked away.  Fast forward 30 years later and I found something in me that college, family, and therapy didn’t manage to get through to me ~ I finally figured out how to find calm in a crazy situation, how to stop reverting back into that brain of chaos and darkness. How to turn art into function, beauty and something very grounded.

 I hope you enjoy my pieces as I have loved making them. 



PS: I also do commissioned pieces. Give me colors, space, size and I will work with your flow 🙂